Thursday, November 17, 2011

Politicians Speak Out!

House Representative Bill Posey R-Florida said this week that qualifying for a mortgage today is more difficult than it should be. Well, as we used to say as kids- "no shit Sherlock!" Today's mortgage underwriting guidelines are out of sync with our economy. It is very positive news that policy makers are coming out and stating that mortgage guidelines are antiquated. This is the first step in our housing market grabbing a foothold again. Borrowing for consumers is not an option. Our modern economy is built on debt and working with debt to increase wealth. Not everyone is entitled to a loan, but everyone shouldn't be shut out least that is what this Brown Trout told me as I released him to the water...? Politicans Speak Out.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First American Mortgage, LLC.

Making the big announcement today at BNI was great. A new company to add to the group with a wealth of knowledge in lending. The primary benefit to the company will be lower costs and lower interest rates to the consumer. In today's age of nickle and dime and fees everywhere you turn, this will be a REDUCTION in costs (and no, it is not made in China). Thanks for your support!