Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

We all want to be more creative. Here are some tips on how to do so while maintaining relevant and consistent business acumen.

1. Be Diverse:  Diverse teams can be much more creative than individuals because several brains naturally  generate more ideas than a single brain. In contrast, too much or the wrong kind of diversity can hurt. To be most creative, teams should have people of differing skills, talents and backgrounds, but with similar values and motivations. Having a common goal is the key!

2. Reduce Time Pressures: Necessity is the mother of innovation, but not always under time constraints. Studies have shown that deadlines can inhibit creativity. Sure, we have all come up with magic in the 11th hour, but giving yourself more time will result in more creativity.

3. Take a Break: Relentlessly grinding away at a problem is less likely to produce a creative breakthrough than consistent effort combined with occasional breaks to rest, relax, and recharge. Engaging in exercise during breaks helps even more. Research shows people come up with more and better ideas while walking than while standing still. And don't discount meditation. The regular practice of mindfulness has been consistently connected with greater creativity.

4. Change the Scene: We can all agree that getting out of our "space" allows us to be able to step outside the problem and look from a different angle. This is the key to changing the scene. A day long idea-generating meeting can be productive, but is much more so if held off-site. Moving away from familiar surroundings creates unfamiliar thought patterns.

5. Embrace Failure: Anyone who is creative is bound to fail - it is part of the game. The key is to not punish the failure, but to reward it. Punishing failure will deter creative thinking.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday!

In going over the minutes from the recent Downtown Management Commission today, I find it interesting that the Human Rights Commission has petitioned the Boulder City Council to allow camping in Boulder city parks. Could you imagine? Tons of homeless people camping in Bella's Park or Scott Carpenter Park - mayhem. It makes you wonder,  how does a group called the Human Rights Commission expect to retain credibility with positions like this - allowing camping in the city parks! For those of you that don't know Boulder, it may sound rational to allow camping in city parks. However, those of you that do know Boulder understand that there are very few parks and an abundance of homeless...enough so that the parks would be overrun. There is mention in the minutes of the many fine programs and facilities that the City of Boulder does keep up to facilitate the care of homeless. The infrastructure is sound and quite capable to avoid having to turn our parks into the parking lot at Alpine Valley for a 1980's Dead show - not that there isn't a time and place for that (July 2016 Folsom Field It's just not appropriate for families and citizens that want to relax and enjoy a city park.

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What does this have to do with Super Tuesday - it is Tuesday and it has been Super so far.

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