Thursday, June 19, 2014


Does the World Cup have you crazy right now? Don't worry - I'm there too. Yes it is hard to keep your nose to the grindstone with distractions. That's why setting "goals" is the only way to make sure to stay on track and get things accomplished. Not goals like the Netherlands put up against Spain, but goals for the measurement of productivity and success.

In the mortgage business, my goals are often dictated for me. Deadlines, closing dates, mutual meetings and events always have me being where I need to be without much thought of actually setting goals. But, it is the extras that count. Goals to take time to network, to follow up with past customers, and to spend time building the business. These are the goals that need attention.
I have come up with some solid system to reinforce these goals and to make sure they get done (or at least I am shooting for them). This system revolves around scheduling and time management. It sounds simple, but it unravels fast if I am not careful.

Time management to me is discipline. If I have something pop up on my calendar, I stick to it and get it done before moving on. Yes, I have hit snooze many times. But the less I hit snooze, the more productive I am. When I am disciplined with my time, I get more done.

Scheduling is simply using my contact management and calendar software effectively. I am always diligent about putting appointments, meetings, calls or anything I need to remember in my calendar. I have one on my phone and my computer. The contact management software integrates with the calendar, so that runs itself - and turns back into time management.

The reason I bring this up is because of my business coach - Ellen Fox. Ellen and I have been working together for over two years and it is great to have such an excellent accountability coach. She was talking about goals today (and of course I started daydreaming about the World Cup) and it made me think of the goals that I work with in my professional life. Ellen's website is and she is great.

As always, I am available for any mortgage questions (or to gab about the World Cup) at .

Thank you and GO USA!!!!!!!