Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Selling Tip!

Implementing the iPhone Selling System
An iPhone
While business today is becoming increasingly complex, some things don't change. It's still all about the customer.
If you're looking for new ways to boost sales, why not take a lesson from the iPhone, which remains a hot product despite its many competitors?
The iPhone's success is based upon its simplicity. Phones using other operating systems have multiple designs and interfaces; buyers like the iPhone because it's simple. I purchased one at the end of August and I love it. It is very functional and applicable to my needs.
Keeping It Simple
Selling today involves simplifying the buying experience. The consumer doesn't want to spend hours discussing the pros and cons of several products, and won't.
Those sellers who can offer an uncomplicated buying process will see results in higher sales, even if the product can't deliver the best quality at the lowest price.
The iPhone, for example, enjoys rising sales despite the fact that many experts believe its competitors are more sophisticated and less expensive.
Meet the Customer's Needs
So learn the iPhone lesson and become known as a company that can help consumers find exactly what they want. Allow each customer to specify what he or she wants from the product. Listen and clarify. Then avoid the temptation to demonstrate your full range of products and talk yourself out of the sale. Instead, show the customer the one that is tailored to his or her unique needs.
The beauty of this is that each customer is unique, but the product needn't be. Soon you will find yourself selling the same product to different people to meet different needs.
Your business will serve a diverse customer base but have a reputation for delivering perfectly matched choices. 

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