Friday, October 10, 2014

Elections - Bring on the MUD!

For those of us who watch any small amount of local television, it is hard to ignore the political ads running amuck as we near the election. We have a very tight Senatorial campaign going on in Colorado between Udall and Gardner. The ads they are running on television are, despicable, for lack of a better term. Both candidates have resorted to trying to tear down the other candidate, in lieu of presenting their own personal positive attributes. Why have our political candidates decided to stoop so low and sacrifice their dignity and respect for one another to win their respective elections?

Some say it is due to the degradation of societal norms, specifically perpetrated by the media. They state examples of where bad news gets read, while good news is ignored. The candidate who slings the most (and dirtiest) mud will not only garner attention from the television commercials they run, but they will also receive attention through the public relations process.

Others say it is simply a matter of the candidates trying to inform the voters of the intentions of the other candidate. Stating that there is an actual "good intention" from the candidate who advertises the shortcomings of his opponent, in that he/she will be helping the voters to avoid potential pitfalls from electing the opponent.

My opinion on this matter is the candidates are desperate. They are desperate to get elected and they desperate to appease their supporters. It is this desperation that causes them to throw away their morals and respect for their opponent. Frankly, it is sad there are two sides - our governing system was never intended to be so bi-polar. But as a result of lobbyists, campaign supporters and the special interests of our country, two sides have emerged and they have no choice but to fight with one another and feed their desperation.

Anyway you slice it, there is a ridiculous amount of mudslinging and personal attacks being pushed upon us. It is pretty hard for us to abstain from the process or admonish the candidates since there are, really, the only two sides that have a chance of victory. The odds of a third party tie-breaker...pretty low, but it would be this person's dream to see changes to our current system that would: 1) naturally deter candidates from personal attacks 2) present more than two choices 3) bring common sense (hello Thomas Paine) back to our society.

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