Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Festivus!!!

Happy Festivus Everyone!

Time for "feats of strength"

Friday, December 12, 2014

Current Events

There are quite a few things going on in the second week of December 2014.

-The US Budget Bill is making its way through congress even though there were hidden items included within the bill that entail repealing the ban on taxpayer bailouts of banks, prohibiting a "voted in" amendment in Washington DC, reducing the standards of school cafeteria food and increasing the amount of allowable campaign contributions.

-Sony Pictures becomes the latest victim of cyber hacking and who knows what is going to happen there. From my understanding, Sony Pictures will be liable for leaked information. I hope they can weather the storm because I like to watch movies.

-The price of oil has fallen like a lead balloon taking the stock market with it. What does this mean? Lower Interest Rates for mortgages!!! The interest rates dropped to about 3.625% today on the 30 year fixed. We are heading back into the 3's!

All three of these items play a big role to everyone in this country. Whether you voted in November for Republicans to make common sense changes and to not overturn the constituents desires, or were looking forward to Sony's next Christmas blockbuster, or have an interest in selling your home and know there will be more potential buyers with lower interest rates available - this is a week to remember.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Elections - Bring on the MUD!

For those of us who watch any small amount of local television, it is hard to ignore the political ads running amuck as we near the election. We have a very tight Senatorial campaign going on in Colorado between Udall and Gardner. The ads they are running on television are, despicable, for lack of a better term. Both candidates have resorted to trying to tear down the other candidate, in lieu of presenting their own personal positive attributes. Why have our political candidates decided to stoop so low and sacrifice their dignity and respect for one another to win their respective elections?

Some say it is due to the degradation of societal norms, specifically perpetrated by the media. They state examples of where bad news gets read, while good news is ignored. The candidate who slings the most (and dirtiest) mud will not only garner attention from the television commercials they run, but they will also receive attention through the public relations process.

Others say it is simply a matter of the candidates trying to inform the voters of the intentions of the other candidate. Stating that there is an actual "good intention" from the candidate who advertises the shortcomings of his opponent, in that he/she will be helping the voters to avoid potential pitfalls from electing the opponent.

My opinion on this matter is the candidates are desperate. They are desperate to get elected and they desperate to appease their supporters. It is this desperation that causes them to throw away their morals and respect for their opponent. Frankly, it is sad there are two sides - our governing system was never intended to be so bi-polar. But as a result of lobbyists, campaign supporters and the special interests of our country, two sides have emerged and they have no choice but to fight with one another and feed their desperation.

Anyway you slice it, there is a ridiculous amount of mudslinging and personal attacks being pushed upon us. It is pretty hard for us to abstain from the process or admonish the candidates since there are, really, the only two sides that have a chance of victory. The odds of a third party tie-breaker...pretty low, but it would be this person's dream to see changes to our current system that would: 1) naturally deter candidates from personal attacks 2) present more than two choices 3) bring common sense (hello Thomas Paine) back to our society.

 Thomas Paine rev1.jpg

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Selling Tip!

Implementing the iPhone Selling System
An iPhone
While business today is becoming increasingly complex, some things don't change. It's still all about the customer.
If you're looking for new ways to boost sales, why not take a lesson from the iPhone, which remains a hot product despite its many competitors?
The iPhone's success is based upon its simplicity. Phones using other operating systems have multiple designs and interfaces; buyers like the iPhone because it's simple. I purchased one at the end of August and I love it. It is very functional and applicable to my needs.
Keeping It Simple
Selling today involves simplifying the buying experience. The consumer doesn't want to spend hours discussing the pros and cons of several products, and won't.
Those sellers who can offer an uncomplicated buying process will see results in higher sales, even if the product can't deliver the best quality at the lowest price.
The iPhone, for example, enjoys rising sales despite the fact that many experts believe its competitors are more sophisticated and less expensive.
Meet the Customer's Needs
So learn the iPhone lesson and become known as a company that can help consumers find exactly what they want. Allow each customer to specify what he or she wants from the product. Listen and clarify. Then avoid the temptation to demonstrate your full range of products and talk yourself out of the sale. Instead, show the customer the one that is tailored to his or her unique needs.
The beauty of this is that each customer is unique, but the product needn't be. Soon you will find yourself selling the same product to different people to meet different needs.
Your business will serve a diverse customer base but have a reputation for delivering perfectly matched choices. 

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Protect Your Bonds - Interest Rates May Rise

Retirees often have the bulk of their portfolios in bonds, which tend to offer stable income. But you shouldn’t assume they’ll always perform well, thanks to the possibility of interest-rate increases.
As you may recall, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (Fed) reacted to the 2008/2009 financial crisis by keeping interest rates near all-time lows to stimulate consumer spending (which is key to any economic recovery.) But interest rates can’t stay low forever, and the Fed has indicated that they’re poised to increase rates, perhaps as soon as 2015.
That may be a problem for bond investors. Generally, bond prices move in the opposite direction to interest rates. Higher interest rates drive bond prices down, and vice versa.
Why? Say, you buy a newly issued $10,000 bond when interest rates are at 8 percent, so your bond yields 8 percent, or $800, annually. But after your purchase, the prevailing interest rate increases to 9 percent.
Now a newly purchased $10,000 bond yields $900 annually. If you wanted to sell your bond, nobody would pay you $10,000 to get $800 interest when the going rate is $900. You’d most likely have to reduce your price.
While the threat isn’t immediate, it’s not too early to consider how to try to protect your bond portfolio from this possibility. For example, you might consider moving your bond investments to mutual funds that invest in floating-rate loans or Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). Jim Butler, Waddell and Reed at 303-827-4020 can help you determine if any of these investments are appropriate for you.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Does the World Cup have you crazy right now? Don't worry - I'm there too. Yes it is hard to keep your nose to the grindstone with distractions. That's why setting "goals" is the only way to make sure to stay on track and get things accomplished. Not goals like the Netherlands put up against Spain, but goals for the measurement of productivity and success.

In the mortgage business, my goals are often dictated for me. Deadlines, closing dates, mutual meetings and events always have me being where I need to be without much thought of actually setting goals. But, it is the extras that count. Goals to take time to network, to follow up with past customers, and to spend time building the business. These are the goals that need attention.
I have come up with some solid system to reinforce these goals and to make sure they get done (or at least I am shooting for them). This system revolves around scheduling and time management. It sounds simple, but it unravels fast if I am not careful.

Time management to me is discipline. If I have something pop up on my calendar, I stick to it and get it done before moving on. Yes, I have hit snooze many times. But the less I hit snooze, the more productive I am. When I am disciplined with my time, I get more done.

Scheduling is simply using my contact management and calendar software effectively. I am always diligent about putting appointments, meetings, calls or anything I need to remember in my calendar. I have one on my phone and my computer. The contact management software integrates with the calendar, so that runs itself - and turns back into time management.

The reason I bring this up is because of my business coach - Ellen Fox. Ellen and I have been working together for over two years and it is great to have such an excellent accountability coach. She was talking about goals today (and of course I started daydreaming about the World Cup) and it made me think of the goals that I work with in my professional life. Ellen's website is and she is great.

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Thank you and GO USA!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler, the Federal Communications Commission Chairman, was previously a lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries. He was inducted to the wireless and cable television hall of fame for his lobbying efforts (in other words, the guy made Comcast, DirectTV, Sprint, Verizon and any other oligopoly controlling our television programing and cell phone service rich as hell - and then was awarded for it).

So what was Obama thinking when he appointed this guy to Chair the FCC?

Tom Wheeler raised over $700,000 in campaign contributions for Obama. Oh, that's why!

About a week ago, Wheeler's FCC proposed legislation is suggesting to allow internet service providers to charge content suppliers. For example, Comcast can now legally charge Netflix to use it's system to provide programs to end users. Crushing NET NEUTRALITY.

This cuts out competition in both sectors (internet service providers and content providers) by increasing the entry barrier in the industry. REPREHENSIBLE!!!!

Tom Wheeler running the FCC = The Wolf Running the Hen House. Tom Wheeler should be forced to spend eternity on hold waiting to talk to someone at Comcast (like we often feel) and Obama should get a good dose of it as well for not doing better in appointing an FCC Chairman.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FHA Financing. Its everywhere you want to be - sort of.

So, FHA financing and in what cases is it still relevant. We can throw the 3.5% down payment aside. With the current pitfalls from FHA financing (noncancelable MI, upfront MI premium, etc.), buyers simply know that coming up with another 1.5% helps them avert a bunch of down sides.  So where does FHA financing make sense?

1. Multifamily property. If you are looking to purchase a duplex, triplex, or fourplex, the only way to get financing with less than 20% down payment is FHA financing.
2. Renovation financing. You can purchase a distressed or a property you just want to fix up and use the bank's money to do the renovation. This makes a bunch of sense because you can borrow based on the "after improved" value.

There are a couple of other instances where FHA may make sense, but these two are by far the most beneficial. These two options are ones that home buyers do not think of. Also, the beauty of both of these scenarios is that you will most likely have over 20% equity within a short time after you purchase the property. This means you can refinance and get rid of the mortgage insurance.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just for fun!

Just for fun - here is another picture of our ferocious lover...Bella~


Friday, February 21, 2014

What do you think?

The news today seems to be extra alarming. Today the Polish Foreign Minister warned the Ukrainian people to sign a treaty with their defunct government or die.

What is going on and what do you think?

The Ukrainian conflict seems to be hitting extra hard in comparison to other current civil conflicts (Syria, Egypt,Venezuela and Thailand). This revolt in the Ukraine seems to be something that is gaining steam and the populace has resigned hopes of the president, Viktor Yanukovych, being left in power. The people are calling for a new leader and are going to great lengths to get their point across. Why do the civil conflicts around the world seem to be more abundant and gaining more strength and momentum? In 2014, we are seeing the populace fighting their governments and winning. 

This is all due to the internet. People around the world can read this blog, for example, and know that civil uprisings are happening and being effective. Granted, this blog reach is infinitesimal compared to other news sources, but it may be readable deep in Red China where other media is filtered. The bottom line is people around the world are being connected, and what is being connected is their experiences and emotions. Ukrainians, for hundreds of years, have been oppressed and told by their government there is no other way - one must have blind allegiance and love for their country over everything. Now Ukrainians know, like others in the world, that people have a fair chance at electing their chosen leaders, can voice their opinion, and revolts do bring about change.

The last thing Vladimir Putin, Yingluck Shinawatra (including her evil brother, Thaksin), and Victor Yanukovych want their populace to know is they have a choice and that their leaders are tyrannical lairs. The internet is enabling people all over the world (yes, even in Red China and hopefully North Korea soon) to find this information and communicate with one another. The internet = corruption and tyranny's worst nightmare.

What do you think?

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Mrs. Bella Lynsky

Happy New Year! It is time for our family to get professional pictures taken for the new year. Here is a shot of our favorite girl - Bella. Our "best friend" photo shoot was mastered by Ashleigh Miller Photography - Ashleigh did a great job and we had so much fun taking pictures with her. We highly recommend Ashleigh's services.

Happy New Year!