Friday, February 21, 2014

What do you think?

The news today seems to be extra alarming. Today the Polish Foreign Minister warned the Ukrainian people to sign a treaty with their defunct government or die.

What is going on and what do you think?

The Ukrainian conflict seems to be hitting extra hard in comparison to other current civil conflicts (Syria, Egypt,Venezuela and Thailand). This revolt in the Ukraine seems to be something that is gaining steam and the populace has resigned hopes of the president, Viktor Yanukovych, being left in power. The people are calling for a new leader and are going to great lengths to get their point across. Why do the civil conflicts around the world seem to be more abundant and gaining more strength and momentum? In 2014, we are seeing the populace fighting their governments and winning. 

This is all due to the internet. People around the world can read this blog, for example, and know that civil uprisings are happening and being effective. Granted, this blog reach is infinitesimal compared to other news sources, but it may be readable deep in Red China where other media is filtered. The bottom line is people around the world are being connected, and what is being connected is their experiences and emotions. Ukrainians, for hundreds of years, have been oppressed and told by their government there is no other way - one must have blind allegiance and love for their country over everything. Now Ukrainians know, like others in the world, that people have a fair chance at electing their chosen leaders, can voice their opinion, and revolts do bring about change.

The last thing Vladimir Putin, Yingluck Shinawatra (including her evil brother, Thaksin), and Victor Yanukovych want their populace to know is they have a choice and that their leaders are tyrannical lairs. The internet is enabling people all over the world (yes, even in Red China and hopefully North Korea soon) to find this information and communicate with one another. The internet = corruption and tyranny's worst nightmare.

What do you think?

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