Thursday, May 1, 2014

Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler, the Federal Communications Commission Chairman, was previously a lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries. He was inducted to the wireless and cable television hall of fame for his lobbying efforts (in other words, the guy made Comcast, DirectTV, Sprint, Verizon and any other oligopoly controlling our television programing and cell phone service rich as hell - and then was awarded for it).

So what was Obama thinking when he appointed this guy to Chair the FCC?

Tom Wheeler raised over $700,000 in campaign contributions for Obama. Oh, that's why!

About a week ago, Wheeler's FCC proposed legislation is suggesting to allow internet service providers to charge content suppliers. For example, Comcast can now legally charge Netflix to use it's system to provide programs to end users. Crushing NET NEUTRALITY.

This cuts out competition in both sectors (internet service providers and content providers) by increasing the entry barrier in the industry. REPREHENSIBLE!!!!

Tom Wheeler running the FCC = The Wolf Running the Hen House. Tom Wheeler should be forced to spend eternity on hold waiting to talk to someone at Comcast (like we often feel) and Obama should get a good dose of it as well for not doing better in appointing an FCC Chairman.

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