Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Closing Time - Be "Johnny on the Spot!"

Many title people, realtors and notaries are surprised to see me at closings. Apparently, a good majority of my competitors do not attend the closing of their loan files. I have always felt it is very important to be present at the closing to answer any questions that might arise and to be "present" for my customers.

Throughout my 15 years in the mortgage origination business, I have seen plenty of mishaps/errors on loan files. Conservatively, there are six people that work a loan file through the process from beginning to end. It is only reasonable to assume that occasionally the interpretation or familiarization process from one person to the next can allow typos or mistakes. The important thing is for me, the loan officer, to be the person who catches the mistake or makes things "right" - and to be at the closing table for my customer if there is any detail that seems out of order.

There are plenty of studies and surveys that will corroborate what I am saying above, but it shouldn't necessitate a survey to motivate a service provider to be "present" for their customers.

We are always available for your questions at www.FirstAmericanMortgage.net ...or at your next loan closing!!!

Thank you!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Renovation Loans

Did you know that you can use the bank's money to make repairs/upgrades to a home you are purchasing (or refinancing)? It is truly a great way to find a "bargain" in today's real estate marketplace. Look for things like "handyman special" or "fixer upper" in the description of properties for sale. This normally will mean that a property is being listed for sale below market price because it is in need of repairs. Got questions...we are always available to answer at www.FirstAmericanMortgage.net.

Thank you!