Friday, December 16, 2011

This holiday season, stock up on...light bulbs?

That's right, get your incandescent light bulbs before they are all gone. The original ban set to go in force on 1/1/2012 on incandescent bulbs is now being pushed back to September of 2012. Energy efficient bulbs such as the Compact Fluorescent Light and Light-Emitting Diode, are the future as exceptional energy saving devices. But which is better?
The CFLs inability to work with a dimmer switch and the presence of mercury within the light is considered by many - a big let down. Light-Emitting Diode , or LED lights work well with dimmers and the overall environmental impact is much less than that of the CFL as stated by Dustin Behounek (Owner of The Electric Edge, LLC.( The cost of LEDs in today's marketplace is a bit on the high side though. A 40 watt equivalent LED is about $12, whereas a CFL version is under $5. However, the LED has a lifespan over 25,000 hours and the CFL is expected to last a minimum of 6,000 hours. So in that respect, the LED is a cost savings! Not to mention, LEDs make for excellent holiday lights (you have seen them as the most brilliant in the neighborhood, but may not have known they were LEDs).
Whichever light you pick, I wish you the best for happy holiday season and a prosperous 2012!